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Anne Leighfield

This is the report from The Beacon magazine for March:

Anne Leighfield of Glyndwr, passed away in February at the age of seventy two, after a long and painful illness, borne with great fortitude. She was a bulwark of stability for the local community over many years and a vital lynchpin of her very large family. Her funeral, at Knucklas Chapel, was the best attended for many years. She was interred beside the late Lyn Davies, also of Glyndwr, who had also been very community-minded. The end of a mini-era! Sincere sympathies to Julie and George and to all the other members of her devoted family. (Robert Forbath)

This Eulogy for Anne as read at her funeral service:

Anne was adopted at an early age, yet still had a fulfilling childhood alongside her sister Pat at Park Avenue in Chippenham.
She spent her early married years in south Wales where she had her firstborn children Andrew and Julie, then on moving back to Chippenham she had Stevie who sadly passed away at the age of 39. Catherine and Philip, were born 3 years later and then being the woman she was she went on to foster John.
In 1985 Anne and her family moved to Knucklas, where she quickly settled and was seen as a loving caring mother figure of her ever extending family, which went on to include Tanya, Lisa and Darren and then on to have 14 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren, who she took great pleasure in doing as much as she could for them all, no-one in the Leighfield family needed to hire a babysitter, as Anne’s doors were always open to her many grandchildren, day or night.
Anne had a strong maternal instinct, and indeed had a special empathy with those going through hard times, and especially for many troubled young people with whom she nurtured and provided a warm and safe family environment for them to thrive.
Anne was a lynchpin of the community, she had a huge involvement in Knucklas cubs and scouts and organised Scout camps for many years and also for many generations of children from the Teme Valley.
Anne was also pinnacle in the setting up and running of Youth Club here in the village and this also thrived because of her committed involvement to the local children, again proving her strong maternal and caring nature.
Amongst her many passtimes were gardening, craft making and cooking, Anne loved to organise Bingo to raise funds for the community centre, and believe me there was never a Leighfield that left the centre without a carrier bag of prizes!
Anne was a real service to her community; if anyone from the Police, the social services the youth services needed someone in Knucklas as a source of information, it was always Anne that they would go to. She always seemed to have a good idea of what was happening in her community, and if she didn’t … it really wasn’t worth knowing.
Anne had been living with her illness for just under a year and it was only in the latter months that it took its toll, and she eventually ended her days in St Michaels hospice, where she was cared fantastically well for by the nurses there, and was also surrounded by her loved ones day and night. Anne will be missed by all her family, her extensive network of friends, by her neighbours and all the clubs and associations to which she gave her constant support. She gave so much to others & in her latter years took time out with friends, Nanna Joan, Sally to name but a few and especially Lyn Davies who Anne regarded as a kindred spirit and her last wishes were to be at rest, with her here in Knucklas.

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