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Local tourist information is now available on a board on the Community Centre hall, with parking available. The Centre is near the station. Click the "Local facilities" button for more information.

Knucklas Artists

Every year in September many artists in and around Herefordshire exhibit in the “hArt” week (Herefordshire Art Week) and Knucklas artists are included.

There are many artists in or near the village, and here are some:

O'Leary sculpture


Will & Lottie O’Leary – sculptors & stone carvers specialising in memorials here – button_blue_play
Upper House, Knucklas.  Contact: phone: 01547 528 792, or  info@stonecarving.co.uk




Large glazed vase


Tony Hall – Potter and portrait sculptor in terracotta.

Contact:   hallaw@btinternet.com and 01547 529 670




Black mountains landscapeLois Hopwood – Artist – Landscape painting and drawing.

Contact: here – button_blue_play

or lois.wynne.hopwood@gmail.com




Corinna ceramics


Corinna Kenyon-Wade – potter; Cuckoo’s Nest, Knucklas LD7 1PL

Information here – button_blue_play

Contact: phone: 01547 529786




Grant Jessé – graphic artist & author here – button_blue_play




Anne Belgrave– Pastoral feltmaking; Proverbs & fables that come alive in the woods.

Contact: here – button_blue_play
or phone: 01544 267 997