Centre events

For Community Centre events: Click here

Tourist information

Local tourist information is now available on a board on the Community Centre hall, with parking available. The Centre is near the station. Click the "Local facilities" button for more information.

Powys County Council

Here are some links to various Powys County Council resources:

The PCC home page is here – button_blue_play

School closures – check here if you think a school might be closed – button_blue_play

Weather & traffic alerts can be checked here – button_blue_play

Register or login for online services here – button_blue_play

Powys Youth site is here – button_blue_play and is great fun!

Tourism information for Powys is here – button_blue_play with many ideas for things to do in the county.

General advice & information on benefits are here – button_blue_play

Council tax information is here – button_blue_play

Social services information is here – button_blue_play with much useful information.

Planning information is here – button_blue_play where you can look at planning applications, make objections or other comments, etc.