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Tourist information

Local tourist information is now available on a board on the Community Centre hall, with parking available. The Centre is near the station. Click the "Local facilities" button for more information.

Assembly & Councils


The Welsh Assembly role and information is here – button_blue_play

Our Assembly members can be found there and are listed in our page Welsh Assembly.


The county of Powys is the largest in Wales, and covers about 25% of the country. It operates with three districts, corresponding to the old counties of Radnorshire, Montgomeryshire and Brecknockshire. There are 110 communities in Powys, and our local one is the Beguildy Community.

All information is on their website here – button_blue_play

and tourism information is here – button_blue_play

On our page Powys County Council there are more links to various county information pages.

Our local County Councillor is Cllr John Brunt, whose information is here – button_blue_play


Knucklas is part of the Beguildy Community, which covers all the upper Teme valley above Knighton. The Community Council meets monthly on the second Tuesday of the month (see calendar). Members, agendas and minutes are published on their site: Beguildy Community Council

An important function of the council is to comment on local planning applications. It does not have the power to decide the outcomes, only to comment. Planning applications can be viewed on the Powys County web site here – button_blue_play, where you can add your own comments.

Community councils are represented nationally by One Voice Wales, here – button_blue_play which provides information and support for community councils in Wales.