Centre events

For Community Centre events: Click here

Tourist information

Local tourist information is now available on a board on the Community Centre hall, with parking available. The Centre is near the station. Click the "Local facilities" button for more information.

Knighton Community Support

Knighton Community Support now offers several new useful activities:

FOOD BANK – 3 days emergency help with food parcels, support etc. Call 01547 528443

FURNITURE BARN – the furniture barn is open most days by the short term car park. Drop in or call 07582156282 or 01547 529142

CONCERNS ABOUT HEALTH SERVICES – call 01547 520653/520655 to discuss.

KNIT FOR CHARITY – Knighton Knitters create items for Romania, and meet at St. Edward’s Hall. Call 01547 520655

IT TRAINING IN SOCIAL NETWORKING – Friday afternoons in the library; learn to use Facebook, Twitter etc. Call 01547 520655

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