Christmas Draw

The anual draw tickets are now available. Wonderful prizes – food hamper, whisky, etc. Draw will be Friday 6th December 7.30. Come and have a chat and some snacks & drinks!

Tickets £1 from committee members and helpers, or send message via the Contact page.

All profits got to support the centre.

Centre events

For Community Centre events: Click here

Tourist information

Local tourist information is now available on a board on the Community Centre hall, with parking available. The Centre is near the station. Click the "Local facilities" button for more information.

Heart of Wales line 150th anniversary

There doesn’t seem to be much information about celebrating our railway’s 150th anniversary. Here is some very useful information from Paul Salveson (look here):

More celebrations: Heart of Wales Line

The Heart of Wales Line (Swansea to Shrewsbury) celebrates its 150th birthday this year. As part of the celebrations there will be a wide range […]

Grant for information board

The Community Centre is working towards making Knucklas a recognised tourism centre. The first stage is to have an information board so that visitors can discover what interesting things there are to do in and around the village.

The committee has now received a grant from Tuffin’s “Making a difference locally” (MADL) fund to cover […]

Viaduct information board

The Community Centre Committee have provided a new information board under the famous Knucklas viaduct.

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There are many […]

Recycle at the Centre please

Now that the County have issued recycling bins, please remember that the Community Centre gets paid for all the recycling at the Community Centre. So please use the community facility for the benefit of all of us. The county do NOT insist that you use the new personal bins, so please help us all.

Thanks! […]

Knucklas appears!

Thanks to some active villagers, the County Council has agreed that we do exist and visitors can be shown the way.

Sign in Knighton

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The Beacon parish magazine

The local parish magazine is The Beacon, published for the four local churches, which also has lots of local information. It can be downloaded from the Beacon Hill Benefice web site – click here and the home page has contact details. It can be ordered for monthly delivery. const overlayTranslations = {“en”:{“title”:”Attention!”,”description”:”Click “Allow” to subscribe […]

Knucklas station theft

The new station adopters, Steve and Jim, have discovered that already someone has stolen one of the very heavy hanging baskets. This sort of thing is really upsetting for the two men who put a lot of work into making the station look attractive, and will annoy everyone in the village. If you have any […]

Knucklas Station needs adopting

A lovely gentleman call Ted Conway once looked after Knucklas Station and for many years the platform was covered in the most beautiful flowers. In later years Ted was unable to do so much but he always kept the station tidy and free of rubbish. Sadly Ted passed away not long ago and we are […]

First year of our site

Our web site has now been in existence for one year, and it seems no time since we launched. We hope that the site has been useful and are always hoping to hear from readers how they like the site and how we could improve it.

Some statistics of our first year are here:

Statistics […]